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Sessions Hijacking

Social Media Facebook and Twitter is popular and widely adopted. For this article would like to share on one ID security risk that is so common for people make use of public WiFi to access their private social media account (actually it work for all the web access page submit user ID and password).

Everything I hangout at the Coffee Shops, will noted that most of people will make use of the Public WiFi to access to social media website. Most of people do not have security awareness and aware that share public WiFi is connected with all sort of people.

Below live video demonstrate is base on the scenario on the public WiFi, session hijacking can be do as easy as just auto scan and pick a victim. Please spend few minutes for the full video and get the lesson.

E-SPIN is partner with Immunity to distribute their SILICA wireless penetration testing tool set (come with wireless injector adapter, signal booster, USB boot SILICA wireless to perform wireless security assessment, penetration testing or audit). If you or your company look for secure wireless network or Access Point (AP), or consult on the wireless security assessment, penetration testing or ethical hacking, feel free to contact E-SPIN for assistance.

E-SPIN is specialize in the end to end vulnerability management, security assessment, penetration testing and ethical hacking system and point solutions, and active in serving partners, enterprises, governments and military clients.

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