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Retina CS enables IT Security professionals to centrally manage organization-wide IT security – physical, virtual, mobile and cloud – from a single, web-based console. It is the only unified vulnerability and compliance management solution that integrates security risk discovery, prioritization, remediation, and reporting, which dramatically decreases the time and effort required to manage IT security. 

Retina Insight: Get actionable reporting, analytics, and trending across the vulnerability lifecycle via this powerful reporting engine, included with Retina CS at no additional cost.

– Configuration Compliance: A Retina CS Add-on Module: Simplify how you audit and report on common industry configuration guidelines and best practices.

– Regulatory Reporting: A Retina CS Add-on Module: Choose from Regulatory Reporting packs to automate how you navigate through the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

– Patch Management: A Retina CS Add-on Module: Close the loop on vulnerabilities by providing integrated, automated, agent-less patching from a single console

Retina CS Dashboard


1. Retina Network Security Scanner

Identify known and zero-day vulnerabilities using the industry’s most mature and effective vulnerability scanning technology.

2. Retina.GOV
Rely on integrated end-to-end vulnerability and compliance management designed specifically for Government departments and agencies.

3. Retina Web Security Scanner

Rapidly and accurately scan large, complex websites and web applications to assess web-based vulnerabilities.


1. Blink Endpoint Protection

Augment existing security products with integrated multi-layered endpoint protection in a single, lightweight client.

2. Iris Network Traffic Analyzer

See analysis and integrated forensics reporting on network security traffic.

3. SecureIIS Web Server Security

Ensure protection for Windows IIS Servers by preventing known exploits, zero day attacks, and other harmful web server traffic.

Retina CS from eEye provides a lot of functionality – beyond just vulnerability scanning – in an easy-to-use format. It is a great value for almost any environment.

As a sole Retina Solution distributor in the Asia-Pac region, Please feel free to contact E-SPIN for your inquiry and requirement, so we can assist you on the exact requirement in the packaged solutions that you may required for your operation or project needs.

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Zero-day endpoint protection has never been more critical. Attacks against business networks occur every day, all in an attempt to gain unrestricted access to these systems. Regardless of an attacker’s intention, the exploit process, whether for intrusions or scams, follows a common script.

eEye Blink

Blink integrates multi-layered endpoint protection in a single, lightweight client to protect against known exploits, zero-day attacks, and all other attack vectors. Blink provides a complete endpoint protection platform with full-featured integrated threat management capabilities. Our award-winning endpoint protection solutions are available as standalone products or as a key component of our Unified Vulnerability Management Solution: Retina.

Blink provides complete signature and heuristics-based attack protection. Using patented sandbox technology, Blink actively blocks malicious activity from being loaded into memory. Signatures provide an additional protection layer, but Blink is not signature dependent and can stop new attacks as they are released without the need for updates.


Blink includes a local copy of the award winning Retina Network Security Scanner. This embedded agent provides complete vulnerability assessment for local host and can report findings locally or to eEye’s Retina CS.


Blink provides control over which applications are allowed to function by authorizing or denying program file execution. Registry protection prevents specific registry settings from being modified, stopping malicious programs from infecting or modifying systems. Storage protection prevents data leakage by regulating USB and Firewire storage devices.


Blink provides protection where a vendor has not yet created signatures or patches to protect against vulnerabilities in their operating system or application. Blink blocks “zero-day” attacks that bypass traditional signature-based solutions, eliminating the need or use of specific attack signatures.


Blink allows or denies traffic based on a set of predetermined rules and it monitors the source of network traffic in real time allowing traffic only from authorized applications.


Combined with the Retina CS console, Blink provides integrated security and compliance management across

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Here are the reasons on why you should use Retina Network Security Scanner :

1.Department or enterprise-wide vulnerability assessment

Retina scales to meet the requirements of any size organization and supports scanning in distributed environments using software or appliances.

2. Compliance with industry or federal regulations
Retina helps companies comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI), Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Federal Information Security Management (FISM) Act, European Union Data Directive, and others by providing customizable security policies and extensible reports.

3. Identify security risks and eliminate business interruptions
Less sophisticated scanners can crash a server or device as a result of their scanning methods that include running partial or full exploit code. Retina does not run any type of exploit code to conduct a scan and can accurately identify vulnerabilities without compromising a host.

4. Asset and risk identification
Retina can accurately detect and classify all assets within an environment and determine rogue, wireless, and virtual devices connected to the infrastructure. Vulnerability assessment determines which devices pose the greatest risk to the environment from malware to hackers to unauthorized computing devices.

Retina Key Features

  • Reliable, Non-Intrusive Scanning Technology

Most scanners rely on exploit code to test network vulnerabilities, which frequently crashes servers, devices, or even networks in the process. Retina tests without using exploit code and harming your devices and network.

  • Comprehensive and Current Database

The most advanced, comprehensive database available. Critical vulnerabilities are updated within 48 hours of public disclosure. This is three times faster than the leading competition.

  • Superior Research Team

No security vendor can match the expertise of the eEye Research Team. Over the last 10 years, eEye has discovered more critical vulnerabilities than any other research group.

  • Extensive Third-Party Integration Support

Retina’s open architecture allows for integration with third-party applications such as event managers, security information managers, network management systems, call centers and many framework based solutions

  • Best Practice Approach to Vulnerability Assessment

Retina guides users through the logical steps of discovering assets, auditing known vulnerabilities and configuration issues, recommending remediation actions and reporting on the entire vulnerability management process using industry accepted best practices.

  • Unrestricted Asset Discovery

Retina allows for the discovery of a network’s entire infrastructure without restrictions or separate licensing. At a glance, administrators can determine the number and type of hosts on the network and build policies and groups for vulnerability assessment based on the results.

  • Flexible Remediation Reporting

Within the workflow or Retina, users can create targeted reports to identify specific vulnerabilities for remediation by risk, vulnerability, host or even export the data to common file formats for inclusion in other reports and management systems.

  • Wizard Based Customizable Audits

Custom audits help ensure corporate policies with regard to anti-virus installations, file sharing programs, instant messaging,and third party applications are being correctly identified and mitigated.

  • Granular Job Scheduling and Job Duration Support

Administrators can schedule and run multiple scan jobs against multiple targets and groups (business groups, subnets, for example) for scanning at one time, and control when a job must terminate (scan windows) in order not to impact business
requirements like change control windows.

  • Adaptive High-Speed Scanning

Recognized as the fastest security scanner available, Retina can scan an entire Class C network in approximately 15 minutes. Retina scans every machine on your network, all types of operating systems, network devices and third-party or custom applications with extreme accuracy and speed.

Other eEye Solutions

Do you need to centrally manage and report on distributed network
scanning and vulnerability assessment initiatives?

Do you want a turnkey appliance solution or to setup and license
servers on their own?

Do you want an agent-based vulnerability assessment solution
in lieu of a network-based scanner?

Interested to know more on Retina Product Suites??Please feel free to contact E-SPIN for your inquiry and requirement, so we can assist you on the exact requirement in the packaged solutions that you may required for your operation or project needs.

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Retina is a powerful unified vulnerability management and compliance solution designed to help organizations of all sizes with vulnerability assessment, mitigation and protection.

eEye Retina Vulnerability Management

Retina, founded from over a decade of technology innovation by eEye’s world renowned security research team, is an integrated end-to-end vulnerability and compliance solution designed to help organizations with protection and compliancy by defining and monitoring relevant IT controls. Retina monitors both patch and configuration vulnerabilities and compliance to pre-defined configuration baselines and provides automated notification of violations. The environment is assessed, capturing established security controls along with any vulnerabilities or configuration violations that impact the network.Detailed reports providing prescriptive guidance and recommendations are then forwarded and response is initiated to ensure that corrective action can be taken in a timely fashion.

Retina’s management console is a fully integrated and complete rich internet-enabled application for security and compliance management. Now you can simplify the management of distributed, complex infrastructures while protecting your mission critical assets from evolving threats with a single unified management system

Benefits and Features
1. Confidently identify all vulnerabilities with the lowest false positive rate in the industry; on average less than 1%

The eEye Research Team provides vulnerability audit update for US Government recognized critical vulnerabilities three times faster than the leading competition. Updates are provided with a service level of 48 hours from public disclosure and are automatically downloaded and incorporated by the solution.

2. Proactively guard against known and newly-identified vulnerabilities with frequent, automated updates from the unrivaled eEye Research Team

Retina can reliably and non-intrusively scan your environment to identify all systems and devices. Essentially, if the device has a TCP/IP address, Retina will scan it and classify it with the highest accuracy in the industry.
3. Quickly identify all machines on your network including rogue, virtual, and wireless devices 

Retina does not scan and test with exploit code and will not crash your systems during a scan. With Retina, you can scan an entire Class C network in approximately 15 minutes using our proprietary Adaptive Speed technology.
4. Safely scan your network without crashing system devices and causing business interruptions

Retina provides an extensive command line, and event forwarding through SNMP, Syslogs, email, and Windows Event Logs to integrate into virtually any network management solution, security information manager, or call center.

5. Extensive third party integration support into your existing infrastructure

Retina does not require high-end or high cost servers to perform vulnerability assessments.

6. The only network vulnerability scanner to be available as an appliance, managed service or software supporting Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and 2008

Retina does not require high-end or high cost servers to perform vulnerability assessments

Questions to Consider?
1. Do you currently perform network based vulnerability assessment scans?
2. Do you currently have, or are you planning to initiate a vulnerability assessment project as it relates to security or compliance?
3. Do you have resources and budget set aside for this project?
4. Do you have rogue and wireless assets appearing on your network? How do you know?
5. Have you been exploited or attacked due to a missing patch?
6. Do you know the financial impact of being hit with an attack?

As a sole Retina solution distributor in the asia-pac region, E-SPIN have actively in promoting eEye Digital Security full range of products and technologies as part of the company Vulnerability Management solution portfolio – for vulnerability assessment, unified unified vulnerability management and with E-SPIN, we have all the answers to provide the solution to suit your business needs and operation.

The enterprise range from university, government and enterprise IT security professionals on the vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, or IT security company on the security audit and security operation center (SOC) or cyber security / cyber warfare / military security defense operation center unified vulnerability management.

Please feel free to contact E-SPIN for your inquiry and requirement, so we can assist you on the exact requirement in the packaged solutions that you may required for your operation or project needs.

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