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This video is about Tenable.io product that presented in Malay version .

For those who can not join us for the session, please see the summary and highlight clip for the event.

E-SPIN recently run a Tenable.io  what’s new session cover what new for new user and existing users.

For further information, please contact us or visit to our website on http://www.e-spincorp.com

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For those who can not join us for the session, please see the summary and highlight clip for the event.

E-SPIN recently run a Tenable.io  what’s new session cover what new for new user and existing users.

For further information, please contact us or visit to our website on http://www.e-spincorp.com

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E-SPIN partner with Security Innovation to provide access to hundred over global leading computer based training (CBT) that cover Security Awareness, Application Security In Depth, and Hackathon online and network hacking simulation training courses that is relevant and quality.

We are share the same goal – to provide easy access and to upgrade employee skills, knowledge, abilities and other competencies (SKAO) thru the computer based training (CBT) manner. To train a workforce that will be successful today and lead company to tomorrow. That is the challenges for most of the organisations. Computer based training provide a high efficient, effective and flexible way to help organisation achieve organisational learning and development.

E-SPIN joined forces with Security Innovation to accomplish this goal. Through a unique partnership, E-SPIN provides those high demanded and relevant curriculum and expanded course offerings in the package bundled with the various application security tools across the Asia Pacific region. End customer will have the chance to acquired global industry standard application security tool and access to highly relevant and quality training courses in package bundled.

For more detail for the cross over bundled, please contact E-SPIN officer securityinnovation@e-spincorp.com for the detail.

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In the recent survey conducted by Elearning Group, computer based training (CBT) in combination of video learning and virtual classrooms were ranked as the most valuable investment for organisations, from corporation to government agencies.

47% of respondents favor video learning and virtual classrooms, ie computer based training (CBT). Other respondents found mobile learning (39%) and simulations and 3D (39%) to be extremely valuable investments.


E-SPIN being partnering with Security Innovation, the global leader in computer based training (CBT), with hundred over of security awareness and application security in depth training deliver in the value bundled package. To further enhance your employee learning experience, the one of it kind CMD+CTRL Hackathon (online or network hacking simulation) and popular security awareness training can be package and bundled together as complete solution.

Feel free to contact E-SPIN officer at securityinnovation@e-spincorp.com for the requirement and discuss how the package solution can benefits to your organisation.

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Parasoft APAC South East Asia Regional Director Stanely Eu and E-SPIN Group General Manager Vincent Lim business photo during the business visit


Parasoft (officially Parasoft Corporation), is an global leading developer of various industry standard and technology provider provide end to end coverage of software application development, application testing (quality, performance, security), represented by Stanley Eu, Parasoft APAC South East Asia Regional Director, and Steven Neo, Regional Business Manager visit to one of the E-SPIN Business Center located at Malaysia on Wednesday  (8 Feb 2017).


Vincent Lim, Group General Manager of E-SPIN Group of Companies and the members of staff, welcome Parasoft visit, since it symbol a step forward in consolidating the business relationship between both organizations. Stanley and Steve is sharing Parasoft latest profile, insightful product information and what next for expand the regional market coverage together. Vincent is on behalf of the company thank you for Parasoft visit and being active Parasoft full range product contribution in   E-SPIN Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Management, Application Security Testing in Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) solution portfolio.
Both parties is having local regional collaborative business planning, joint activities and resources commitment discussion. E-SPIN will organize various Parasoft product briefing for the reseller channel partner and end user in the coming date.


About E-SPIN

E-SPIN is a leading enterprise IT solutions distribution and international trading vendor, offering comprehensive, best-of -breed solutions from global technology partners.  E-SPIN also offers experienced in-house consulting, distribution and trade, integration and support services to deliver end-to-end IT package solutions for enterprise, government and military agencies. E-SPIN operates as the regional hub for E-SPIN’s business in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the rest of South East Asia and Greater China Region countries. E-SPIN Group of Companies (E-SPIN Sdn Bhd, E-SPIN International Pte Ltd, E-SPIN International Ltd  headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong, E-SPIN portfolio of solutions and services is consistently developed and shared through a network of local representative and reseller partners located in key geographies around the region. For more information, please visit http://www.e-spincorp.com

About Parasoft
Parasoft (officially Parasoft Corporation) is an global leading independent software vendor (ISV) with headquarters in USA. It was founded in 1987. Global leader in Functional Test Automation Tools, service virtualization technology and product for embedded software developers & engineers, automated defect prevention technologies for Java, C and C++, and .NET that lead to security, reliability, performance, and maintainability. comprehensive end to end static analysis technology to cover security static analysis, data flow analysis, and software metrics. Automated Unit test cases generation, code coverage analysis, regression testing, and traceability technology. The peer code review practice involves manually inspecting source code to examine algorithms, review design, and search for subtle errors that automated tools cannot detect. Although the peer inspection itself cannot be automated, peer code reviews preparation, notification, and tracking can be automated. For cloud, SOA, APIs, and enterprise IT environments, Parasoft technologies automate practices such as API testing, integration testing, system testing, load testing, and penetration testing. Parasoft also develops memory error detection technology that finds run-time errors in C and C++ programs. For service virtualization, Parasoft technologies are used to automatically capture and emulate dependent system behavior of mainframes, third-party components, or any system component that is unavailable or difficult to access for development and testing purposes.



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This video is about Parasoft C/ C++ Test Product Overview by E-SPIN



For those who can not join us for the session, please see the summary and highlight clip for the event.

E-SPIN recently run a Parasoft C/ C++Test what’s new session cover what new for new user and existing users.

For further information, please contact us or visit to our website on http://www.e-spincorp.com

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Conceptual keyboard - Training (green key)

In today’s fast-paced world, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to advance your career training. Many employees are already busy playing catch up, and few have the time to add to their work skills. However, in order to stay competitive and work more efficiently, it is imperative that all workers learn to incorporate a variety of new skills into their repertoire.

The rise of computers at work increased the need for computer skills training but also created new training formats. Computer-based training (CBT), or computer-assisted instruction, is interactive, self-paced instruction using software teaching tools. In this situation a trainee sits at a personal computer, tablet or mobile device connect to internet and operates special training software. Computer based training can help you to effectively increase your knowledge and practical abilities, allowing you to find greater success in the world of work.

What is Computer Based Training?
Computer based training, or CBT, can loosely be defined as any type of instruction that takes place over the computer. In computer based training, the computer assumes the place of the instructor, providing exercises, instructional materials, and feedback to the student. Computer based training is becoming extremely popular in the business sector because it can offer quick, yet intense training in important applications. Schools and individuals can also make use of computer based training.

How does Computer Based Training Work?
Computer based training is typically based on a piece of interactive software. This CBT software is created by a team of designers, and incorporates all of the knowledge that a student needs to know. Once the software has been loaded on to the computer, typically now day through Internet, the student can access interactive tutorials, exercises, and quizzes. The student works through each of these different “lessons,” picking up skills by using and practicing them with the computer based training software.

There are costs involved with developing and implementing CBT, but after that it becomes an extremely cost-effective means of delivering training to large groups of learners. After all, the costs of face-to-face training soon add up when you consider spending on venues, trainers, travelling, accommodation, and time away from the workplace!
The other key advantage of CBT is that it allows learners to access the training in their own time and learn at a pace that suits them.

Features of Computer Based Training
Computer based training software offers a number of unique features that can help you to learn quickly and easily. Most software packages incorporate:

* interactive tutorials
* glossaries of important terms
* pop-up instructions
* real life examples
* instructional graphics
* instructional video and audio
* tests and quizzes

What Courses are Offered through Computer Based Training
Computer based training has really taken off in the past few years, and there are now hundreds of different courses available to students. No matter what your industry, there is some type of computer based training for you. Topics include:

* computer hardware / computer software
* computer programming
* project management
* communications
* IT security
* Application security
* Application security testing
* etc

Benefits of Using Computer Based Training
Computer based training can offer employees and employers a number of wonderful benefits.

Employees can:

* work at their own pace
* work according to their own schedule
* work from home or from the office
* get immediate feedback on assignments and tests
* stop studying at any time without being penalized

Employers can:

* track employee comprehension
* cut travel costs
* reduce time spent setting up classrooms
* provide their employees with consistent and high quality course content

Who Should Look Into Computer Based Training?
Computer based training is highly recommended for employees who are a part of a company that:

* employs 50 or more people
* is constantly requiring updated skills
* implements new processes and procedures often
* has locations worldwide or nationwide

Computer based training is also recommended for individual users who want to pick up additional career skills.
E-SPIN Package offering of CBT
E-SPIN provide hundred over of the CBT Training by partnering with Security Innovation, you can access to it by picking the course suite your company need, or access it as part of the bundled with related tool and system purchase. For more, please contact E-SPIN officer for the information at customerservice(at)e-spincorp.com

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