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This is typical scene and context you will hear before.

User make contact to help desk, yesterday still can access application, but today they encounter problem… due to developers make change and implement new functionality, and helpdesk support are not aware of it. DevOps support is challenging, in particular outsourced scenario.

For uncontrolled DevOps adoption at the rapid speed without consideration of helpdesk and users will happen and disrupt the operation. The promise of adopt DevOps and get business needed functionality at the business speed, using various continuous integration (CI) and continuous development (CD), continuous delivery and continuous deployment. With the strong believe users can aboard small, incremental changes introduced through a DevOps methodology without disruption of the business operation. Those are ideal scene. But we saw lot of large change and implemented in the bad way without coordination. For in-house developer maybe the disruption maybe less compare with outsourced due to accessible of the in-house developers team. But overall, that indicate the problem and issue where developers are not the good communicator and coordinate the smooth transition. A better approach bring in helpdesk and some user in the project line steering community group to make sure all the impact is noted and move in the manner every party can make their own contribution is the key. In the end, it is enterprise change, no just about developer developed application. Application required user to use and helpdesk to support.
For the best way is developer make use of system and tool where can provide user and helpdesk aware of what is going on, automation and integration to push all the needed information into respective group in their format of choice or what they used to. That will help to streamline and minimise the business disruption for the entire enterprise.

Feel free to contact E-SPIN for the various system and tools that we represented that capable to provide effective and efficient DevOps support for developer, helpdesk and user. From source code static application security testing (SAST), to dynamic application security testing (DAST), integrated platform, just to name some key result area (KRA) we can instant help.

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In the recent survey conducted by Elearning Group, computer based training (CBT) in combination of video learning and virtual classrooms were ranked as the most valuable investment for organisations, from corporation to government agencies.

47% of respondents favor video learning and virtual classrooms, ie computer based training (CBT). Other respondents found mobile learning (39%) and simulations and 3D (39%) to be extremely valuable investments.


E-SPIN being partnering with Security Innovation, the global leader in computer based training (CBT), with hundred over of security awareness and application security in depth training deliver in the value bundled package. To further enhance your employee learning experience, the one of it kind CMD+CTRL Hackathon (online or network hacking simulation) and popular security awareness training can be package and bundled together as complete solution.

Feel free to contact E-SPIN officer at securityinnovation@e-spincorp.com for the requirement and discuss how the package solution can benefits to your organisation.

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