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All Business is now Technology Business
So long, we eventually enter into the reality of “All Business is Technology driven Business”.

The shift to technology-driven business is become norm for more profitable business, enabling business transformation from best to great business. Someone who don’t? out from business or out perform by those who did.

Today, can bank still operate banking without electronic banking, online banking or mobile banking? just depend on physical retail banking to serve customer nation wide, regionally or globally? the answer for opening and operate volume of banking outlet is replace by the fintech innovation, automated most of the banking routine and leverage how the ebanking can help the banker operate in more efficiency and effectiveness thru technology.

Same go for the hypermarket and chain store retailer, they depend on the real time buying, stock turn over, online store and just in time order and fulfillments to maximize profitable retail operation.

Business owner and leader had plenty of business idea, technology enabling become the crucial one. No all the business will had internal developed technology business minded consultant with the experience and exposure to accelerate your business digital transformation. Even you know something need to do, but lack of know how. It is just too costly for hired fresh graduate or pure technical people lack of business operation exposure, how can you expect for the return of business investment. You know it time crucial to do something now, company need to transform to be continue relevant for the next wave of business cycle and being competitiveness.

E-SPIN operate business consultancy services, put your business requirement before technology, that you may found it worth your time to discuss your top priority business opportunity and requirement. Put business before technology. Not all technology investment will bring in business return, some did. How to identify the needed technology from desire, balance the business reality with technology necessary? feel free to contact E-SPIN for what we can do together, business-technology-transformation.


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