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Please be inform that supplier Hex-Rays global price increase effective 17 August 2017.

As such, all the official quotation from that date onward will governance by the new price rate. As informed by Supplier Hex-Rays, they have been keeping the same USD prices since 2013 (and EUR prices since 2015), but it is time to adjust them.

For existing partners and customers who had receive E-SPIN quotation before 17 August 2017 and all will valid till 16 September 2017 only (regardless of previously provide longer valid date period).  E-SPIN Group will continue and capable to honor the old rate, as long as the transaction is complete within the period. But will not extend from there. For those open quotation already get supplier special approval and manufacturer Hex-Rays can honor those order, except those ask for revise or update quote (new rate will automatically apply).

But for all new quotation, all will be receive the quotation base on the new effective rate.

For those who will potentially impact by the price rise notice, we encourage your to act immediately since the windows of trading in old rate is available on the short period of time only.

Hex-Rays Global Price Increase

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