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Chanalyzer now on version 5.5 already, and its new updates will add value to any Chanalyzer package at no extra cost to existing customers.


A “Notes” feature addeded and vastly improved how the Device Finder feature works.


Chanalyzer 5 Gets New Device Finder

  • max and min markers give you context and let you compare signal over time
  • see more detail in device finder view with automatic zoom
  • UI gets more screen real estate for easier viewing and focused device finding

Notes and AP Aliasing in Chanalyzer 5

  • bookmark points of interest for later analysis
  • field techs can leave text and image notes for colleagues back at the office
  • installers can document locations during design phase
  • rename your AP’s for easy identification
  • push notes to Report Builder

Adding a note is pretty straight forward.

There are lots of times when adding a note can be helpful for the troubleshooting process– when you move between rooms, change a network setting, or test a device. To add a note, move the Waterfall playhead to the right spot, then click the “+” button. If you find an interfering device, you can even include a photo!

The new “Notes” Tab is home to a list of your notes that allow you to quickly jump to the appropriate point in your recording. There is also an option to add your notes to your report. It’s pretty sweet.

The other new feature is AP Aliasing. This feature allows you to add a custom “nickname” for the access points in your vicinity, whether they’re “your” networks or not:

A snippet of the Networks Table showing custom aliases

This feature is really handy for keeping track of different radios that share the same SSIDs. Also, if you have Cisco APs, the device names will be displayed in this spot by default (but you can still edit them to be more friendly!).

If your has a current E-SPIN MetaCare subscription, all updates are free and can be downloaded directly from inside Chanalyzer. E-SPIN can even provide special burn CD media kit for you upon request (for active subscriber customer only).These new features are standard for any new Chanalyzer purchase as well.

Please feel free to contact E-SPIN for the Wireless interference, spectrum analysis and visualization, under E-SPIN existing Network (include wireless) Application Performance Analysis (NAPA) solution portfolio.



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E-SPIN release the Cascade Pilot PE (formerly Cace Pilot) Technical Live Demo video clip capture during the product training session. The product name change again on 2015 become SteelCentral Packet Analyzer Personal Edition.

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