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For those who are in managing large enterprise network, multi nation and regional network,  and who are in search for the mission critical high availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), Fail over from Local Area Network (LAN), or Wide Area Network (WAN). And you are in WhatsUp Gold (WUG) Monitoring scenario and context.

Then, this summary and highlight of post event video clip will be for you, if you are not able to attend WhatsUp Gold FailOver Manager Product Overview by E-SPIN for end user and channel partner product seminar session.

For further information, please contact us or visit to our website on http://www.e-spincorp.com

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E-SPIN WhatsUp Gold v16.3.1

World wide leading network, servers, applications performance monitoring (APM), end-to-end system solutions WhatsUp Gold launching new release 16.3.1 with extensive regional language support and address range of bug report from 16.3.

As traditional of E-SPIN practice, E-SPIN will organizing end user and reseller seminar to educate customer and partners the changes and new features indepth.

End user 16.3.1 Product Overview, Technical Overview & Live Demo : 11th August 2015

For ticket reservation : https://goo.gl/NKeSso

Reseller 16.3.1 Product Overview, Technical Overview & Live Demo : 12th August 2015

For ticket reservation : https://goo.gl/oMdlYo

WhatsUp Gold Features

Added Language Packs for the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Russian
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Defect ID




User Interface

Corrected a UI issue with the installer that caused the dialogs to display incorrectly when Windows configuration is modified to appear larger or smaller.



Corrected an issue in which the licensing software failed during the WhatsUp Gold install process on Windows 2012.



Corrected an issue in which high quantities of ports that lingered in the TIME_WAIT state for the Service Bus port (9713) exhausting the available ports on the system.



Corrected an issue that caused WhatsUp Gold to lock up when end users attempted to access Device Status for a device to which he/she does not have the proper permissions to view.



Corrected an issue in which the conditions for a new WinEvent Passive Monitor were not saved successfully when two “Event ID” conditions, one based on a “<=” value and one based on “>=”, were used.



Corrected an issue in which WMI formatted active monitors were not logging payload messages to the State Change Timeline.



Corrected an issue that caused the Ping Active Monitor(s) to incorrectly report DOWN and “Ping failed. Error=Invalid access to memory location” to be logged in the State Change Timeline.



Corrected an issue that caused the Active Monitor Outage and Down Summary for Quarterly reports to show an inaccurate Down count of 0.



Corrected an issue in which an SNMP Active Monitor for Rate Change set to Down would incorrectly change to Up when the configuration dialog was reopened.



Corrected an issue in which a WMI Formatted active monitor using the %ActiveMonitor.Payload percent variable was not returning values.


Syslog Message Export

Corrected an issue in which Syslog messages exported from WhatsUp Gold to Excel were not including the entire payload.


User Interface

Corrected an issue in which the ‘Message’ column of the State Change Timeline was not correctly displaying double byte characters when using a Chinese operating system.



Corrected an issue causing an error to be generated if the start and end times selected are identical when exporting the Quarterly Availability Summary report to PDF with live links.



Corrected an issue in which dynamic groups of devices based on IP address ranges fail due to IPv6 addresses.



Corrected an issue which generated an error when attempting to view device properties for a device with a high number of IP addresses.



Corrected an issue in which VMWare Current Utilization dashboard reports were available for all devices. This report only applies to standalone VMware Hosts and vCenter Servers.



Corrected an issue which could cause the Ping Active Monitor to fail and generate the following error: Ping x.x.x.x failed. Error=Win32 error = 11050.


User Interface

Corrected a UI pagination issue that occurred when monitoring more than 500 devices in WhatsUp Gold.


User Interface

Corrected a UI issue that prevented the entire ‘Comment’ column from being displayed or the hover text from appearing in the Active Monitors tab of the Device Properties dialog.



Corrected an issue that caused a Cisco L3 Router to be discovered as a Wireless LAN Controller.


Internet Explorer 11

Corrected issues related to compatibility with Internet Explorer 11.

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WUG SNMP Monitoring Workplace

Common ask question:

Based on What’s Up Gold (WUG) product , it shows that the SNMP is down . May I ask that what is the reason that make the SNMP down? Is it due to the router configuration?

This could be caused by a number of reasons. If you are sure that SNMP is configured properly on the target device, then make sure that the community string you have applied to the device is correct. That’s where I would start.

*** Also remember community strings are case sensitive.

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WhatsUp Gold features

WUG Core Features


Automated and fast Layer 3 device discovery using multiple types of discovery options including SNMP SmartScan, IP address range scan, single device scan or host file import. Wizard-based tools simplify and make network discovery fool-proof, no matter the size or complexity of your infrastructure


Get hierarchical maps of the Layer 3 view of your network, including a complete representation of your real network and application environment with drill downs to subnets and virtual LANs. Drag and drop icons make it easy to change device positions and attributes and create relationships.


Using a sophisticated strategy of both active and passive monitoring, WhatsUp Gold tracks the status and health of all your network devices. Get early alerts listening for SNMP traps and syslog messages from the devices in your infrastructure.


WhatsUp Gold’s Alert Center gives you a single integrated dashboard that consolidates all alerts, notifications and alert acknowledgements for easy configuration and management. The Alert Center can only be found in WhatsUp Gold.


Get complete visibility of the health and performance of your network with WhatsUp Gold’s reporting – just the way you want to with configurable Dashboards. Includes over 200 out-of-the-box, customizable reports to meet your most discerning needs.

In addition of the innovative Mobile Access capability makes WhatsUp Gold the first solution to allow monitoring of networks in real time from smartphones or personal digital assistants (PDAs). Offering you key features such as: one-click login, Device Views with access to device maps, as well as DirectLink notifications, WhatsUp Gold gives you complete portability in monitoring your network.

With WhatsConnected you will:

  • Save Time: Spend time effectively managing the network instead of wasting it on tedious, time consuming manual documentation tasks of network topology and port to port connectivity.
  • Lower Cost of Operations: WhatsConnected best value combined with its ability to free up valuable IT personnel time and lower mean time to repair directly helps lower cost of operations.
  • Manage Assets and Inventory: Gather, filter, and export a wide variety of inventory and configuration information across networking devices and systems as required for compliance and network audit process.
  • Optimize your Hardware Investment: WhatsConnected Layer 2/3 discovery let’s you find “forgotten” hardware or hardware without an IP address. These can then be decommissioned or reassigned to new tasks, or moved to an internal cloud.
  • Stay in Control: Know exactly what inventory is deployed on your network, even hard to track associations between physical servers & virtual resources. Understand device interdependencies and how they are affected by changes and failures.
  • Track Changes: With scheduled discoveries, and up-to-date dynamic maps, diagrams and topology views you can accurately understand, track and document the evolution of your network, with no effort – it just works.
  • Simplify Troubleshooting tasks: Rapidly pinpoint the root cause of connectivity issues to minimize downtime and gain insight into how your network topology and infrastructure can be configured to minimize potential conflicts and optimize performance.
  • Compliance Support: Ensure an accurate discovery, audit, documentation and archiving of network assets, topology maps and configurations over time to support regulatory requirements like SOX, FISMA, PCI DSS and HIPAA.

WhatsUp Gold is the most intuitive, comprehensive, and cost-effective network management tool set. Further information, please visit http://e-spincorp.com/espinv3/index.php/ipswitch/whatsup-gold-network-management.

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