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A proactive approach to SIEM

As the old adage goes “the best defense is a strong offense”, McAfee Risk Advisor seeks to replicate that through a proactive approach to risk management. With the goal to reduce the grab in the dark approach organizations take to procuring and deploying security measures, Risk Advisor pinpoints critical assets which require immediate attention. Leveraging McAfee Lab’s ability to gather threat data from millions of collection points, it is kept up to date with thread analysis and any potential remedies.

Risk Advisor has an inbuilt scoring system which quantifies an organization’s risk mitigation efforts. It uses the vulnerability and threat status, criticality of an asset, and any pre-existing countermeasures to generate a current risk score. This allows managers to look at what effect their risk mitigation efforts has had on their asset.


Risk Advisor is designed to work out of box with a multitude of other McAfee products such as McAfee’s Virus Scanner, Host Intrusion Prevention, Vulnerability Manager, Policy Auditor and Network Security Manager to provide countermeasure information across various functions. It has even been integrated into non-McAfee products such as SAP BusinessObjects to extend its risk analysis to business decisions.



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