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Fast and precise remediation

LogInspect 5 (product now called Logpoint) collects, analyzes and monitors all events in an infrastructure – around the clock.
This means you can enjoy full transparency across the board, optimizing your IT operations while increasing availability and reducing operational costs.
Quick and accurate.
Should your IT operation still experience an interruption, LogInspect 5 allows you to quickly and more accurately find the exact cause of the problem – launching the necessary remediation while at the same time monitoring the components in question.
The cause… and the solution.
Errors, irregularities and poor performance can be a result of misconfigured systems, a lack of patches and software updates, system changes and irregularities in the infrastructure. LogInspect 5 helps you get an accurate overview of the true source thanks to several unique features:
Secure, centralized log archive. Automatically analyze log messages in real time.
• Safe and secure (signed) log repositories.
• Agent-based and agent-free log collection.
• Play-back for historic data and/or off-line data.
Customised Dashboards. Enjoy powerful visibility and clarity.
• Out-of-the box Dashboards for the most common alerts and security monitoring.
• Easy to create, personalized widgets within multiple Dashboards.
• Perma-linking for easily integrating into existing monitoring applications.
• Dashboard designs can easily be shared internally.
Advanced database monitoring.
• Performance and availability metrics from any database log.
• Trigger alerts based on commands and activities.
• Policy violation detection.
• Inspect application traffic content.

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