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Screenshot from the latest whatsup gold version 16, unified network, server and application monitoring solutions

Screenshot from the latest whatsup gold version 16, unified network, server and application monitoring solutions

E-SPIN Group of Companies is please to invite existing customers and potential users who in consideration of upgrading to latest unified network, server and application monitoring solutions (Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold version 16),  attending the special complementary hotel event “Critical Success Factors of Good Network Management Solution”  on 24th October 2013 in Grand Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. From 10am to 4.30 pm. The event is organize for end users. A separate event for channel resellers will be release in the near future for the same theme with focus on channel enabling.

For those who are interest in participate for the full day event, please register by click here https://wugnms.eventbrite.com/

This is the join event co organize by E-SPIN and existing business partner.

During the full day event, will cover “Critical Success Factors of Good Network Management Solution” in depth, follow with product walk-thru and hand on training. Refreshment and lunch meal will be serve for participant. Due to limited seat, for those who are interest are encourage for make immediate registration to secure the free and complementary ticket.

If you need assistance and inquiry for the event, please contact marketing@e-spincorp.com


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WhatsUp Gold features

WUG Core Features


Automated and fast Layer 3 device discovery using multiple types of discovery options including SNMP SmartScan, IP address range scan, single device scan or host file import. Wizard-based tools simplify and make network discovery fool-proof, no matter the size or complexity of your infrastructure


Get hierarchical maps of the Layer 3 view of your network, including a complete representation of your real network and application environment with drill downs to subnets and virtual LANs. Drag and drop icons make it easy to change device positions and attributes and create relationships.


Using a sophisticated strategy of both active and passive monitoring, WhatsUp Gold tracks the status and health of all your network devices. Get early alerts listening for SNMP traps and syslog messages from the devices in your infrastructure.


WhatsUp Gold’s Alert Center gives you a single integrated dashboard that consolidates all alerts, notifications and alert acknowledgements for easy configuration and management. The Alert Center can only be found in WhatsUp Gold.


Get complete visibility of the health and performance of your network with WhatsUp Gold’s reporting – just the way you want to with configurable Dashboards. Includes over 200 out-of-the-box, customizable reports to meet your most discerning needs.

In addition of the innovative Mobile Access capability makes WhatsUp Gold the first solution to allow monitoring of networks in real time from smartphones or personal digital assistants (PDAs). Offering you key features such as: one-click login, Device Views with access to device maps, as well as DirectLink notifications, WhatsUp Gold gives you complete portability in monitoring your network.

With WhatsConnected you will:

  • Save Time: Spend time effectively managing the network instead of wasting it on tedious, time consuming manual documentation tasks of network topology and port to port connectivity.
  • Lower Cost of Operations: WhatsConnected best value combined with its ability to free up valuable IT personnel time and lower mean time to repair directly helps lower cost of operations.
  • Manage Assets and Inventory: Gather, filter, and export a wide variety of inventory and configuration information across networking devices and systems as required for compliance and network audit process.
  • Optimize your Hardware Investment: WhatsConnected Layer 2/3 discovery let’s you find “forgotten” hardware or hardware without an IP address. These can then be decommissioned or reassigned to new tasks, or moved to an internal cloud.
  • Stay in Control: Know exactly what inventory is deployed on your network, even hard to track associations between physical servers & virtual resources. Understand device interdependencies and how they are affected by changes and failures.
  • Track Changes: With scheduled discoveries, and up-to-date dynamic maps, diagrams and topology views you can accurately understand, track and document the evolution of your network, with no effort – it just works.
  • Simplify Troubleshooting tasks: Rapidly pinpoint the root cause of connectivity issues to minimize downtime and gain insight into how your network topology and infrastructure can be configured to minimize potential conflicts and optimize performance.
  • Compliance Support: Ensure an accurate discovery, audit, documentation and archiving of network assets, topology maps and configurations over time to support regulatory requirements like SOX, FISMA, PCI DSS and HIPAA.

WhatsUp Gold is the most intuitive, comprehensive, and cost-effective network management tool set. Further information, please visit http://e-spincorp.com/espinv3/index.php/ipswitch/whatsup-gold-network-management.

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WhatsUp Gold has grown in features and capabilities from an SMB (small and midsize business) network management tool to something appropriate for the enterprise, yet the product still remembers its roots as an easy-to-master tool. However, virtualization has added another layer of complexity for WUG and its network management peers.

WhatsVirtual brings a great deal of functionality to WhatsUp Gold and will turn out to be a must-have tool for WUG users who are incorporating ESX or ESXi into their server environments. Of course, as part of WUG, WhatsVirtual is only applicable to shops running WUG, and while the new module is a valuable addition.


A closer look at WhatsVirtual

WhatsVirtual is designed to do exactly as the name implies: show what is virtual in the enterprise. Following are the component that necessary

  • Visualization of the world of virtual components is only the starting point.
  • A good management tool needs to deliver discovery, inventory, reporting and control,
  • Auditing capabilities, all of which WhatsVirtual delivers effectively, albeit indirectly.

As an add-on module for WUG, WhatsVirtual leverages many of the management and reporting capabilities native to WUG.

With WUG, that is accomplished using a discovery wizard, which I launched from the tools menu on the main WUG GUI. The wizard starts when you choose “discover devices” from the menu, which then allowed to initiate a discovery session.
Discovery sessions can be launched manually or set up to run at predetermined times via a schedule. That proves to be a handy feature on networks that change a lot. The scans can use a range of IP addresses or a single IP address to discover a VMware host. There are also advanced options available under a submenu, which allows a discovery scan to be customized.

WhatsVirtual works hand-in-hand with VMware’s API, which means users will have access to threshold configuration information and Alert Center workflows. In other words, it becomes quite simple to define alerts for VM hosts and guests. Those alerts can be fine-tuned to create notifications of potential problems, such as utilization exceeding preset levels or disk space issues.

The idea here is that I no longer needed to use VMware vSphere in conjunction with WUG to monitor VM hosts and guests—it can all be done from within WUG. That brings virtual and physical machine management much closer to the single dashboard ideology, where all major functions can be accomplished from a single management application.

WhatsVirtual  is new technology which bring virtual and physical machine into much more real and closer to reality, any further information please refer to http://e-spincorp.com/espinv3/index.php/ipswitch/whatsup-gold-network-management

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