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Simplifying Network Audits

The task of conducting a full network audit has always been a daunting task to any network related personnel. Nipper is a solution to this problem; it aims to painlessly assist in conducting a network audit through automated configuration vulnerability analysis and an agent-less solution. It triumphs over traditional methods such as penetration testing (A thorough but costly and slow process), agent-based (Software must be installed in each device to be tested which is not always possible), and Network Scanners (can cause networks to be bogged down due to the large amount of probes required).


Nipper’s reporting features allow for an audit to be generated that is tailored specifically to what the end user needs.

  • Personalize reports with your company details so all reports are generated automatically with your company’s name, logo, report naming policy

  • Rate with the default Nipper standards or use CVSS (industry standards vulnerability rating). Customize your environmental variables based on priorities (Low to High) – Confidentiality Requirement, Collateral Damage Potential, and more.

  • Exclude whole Issues (EG. Users with Default Passwords) or specific Devices from an issue.

  • Notes for specific issues

  • Save only what you want to save – specific report sections (EG. Filtering Rules) or entire tables (EG. Security Audit Table)

Reports generated contain information that technical staff can utilize to mitigate the issue and graphical information management can digest easily.


Such versatility and cost saving is the reason Titania’s Nipper Studio claimed both Computing Security Awards – Network Security Solution and Enterprise Security Solution of the Year in 2012 against well established competitors such as WatchGuard and Fortinet.

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