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Scalability, made easy.

LogInspect 5 can scale into any organization – big or small, locally based or operating globally.
And while all organizations have a similar need to invest in a SIEM solution, each has a unique set of operational conditions with specific requirements that dictate the scope of implementation.
A network might be highly segmented due to security policies or geographic distribution, mandating specific collection capabilities. Budget and staffing limitations can also require an incremental approach.

LogInspect 5 is dynamic, adaptable and scalable to the specific needs of your organisation.

  • Accommodates today – and tomorrow.

IT executives can be assured that the solution they invest in today can adapt to accommodate their future organizational needs.
LogInspect 5’s dynamic enterprise architecture is flexible enough to meet multiple and changing requirements – from the easily scalable to broader collection capabilities.

  • Centralized Threat Analysis System.

Thanks to the Centralized Threat Analysis System (CTAS), LogInspect 5 can deploy any combination of hardware and software appliances on a multitude of servers.
Searching, alarming, and incident managing and reporting are consolidated on one single interface. Just apply the search or report to the suitable LogInspect 5 repositories.

  • Truly designed for Big Data.

•Based on NoSQL technologies – for ultimate performance.
•Lowered overhead thanks to tagged data rather than the indexed data of the traditional, expensive   performance of an SQL database.
•A “Document” database structure.
•Digests billions of logs on a daily basis.
•Log data is stored and normalized in one single and fast process.

  • Built-in scaling.

•Supports hardware appliances based on standard servers.
•Supports VMware and Hyper V.
•Dynamic repository architecture ensures easy scalability for multiple sites and optimised   performance.

  • Fully supports on existing infrastructures.

•SAN storage architectures.
•Existing load balancers.
•Co-exists with existing backup solutions.
•Full redundancy architecture for highest availability.

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