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In the recent survey conducted by Elearning Group, computer based training (CBT) in combination of video learning and virtual classrooms were ranked as the most valuable investment for organisations, from corporation to government agencies.

47% of respondents favor video learning and virtual classrooms, ie computer based training (CBT). Other respondents found mobile learning (39%) and simulations and 3D (39%) to be extremely valuable investments.


E-SPIN being partnering with Security Innovation, the global leader in computer based training (CBT), with hundred over of security awareness and application security in depth training deliver in the value bundled package. To further enhance your employee learning experience, the one of it kind CMD+CTRL Hackathon (online or network hacking simulation) and popular security awareness training can be package and bundled together as complete solution.

Feel free to contact E-SPIN officer at securityinnovation@e-spincorp.com for the requirement and discuss how the package solution can benefits to your organisation.

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