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For those who are in managing large enterprise network, multi nation and regional network, and who are in search for monitoring IP address changes, outdate cause by various change due to DHCP, DNS and in the role of IP Address Management, Subset planning, and you are in WhatsUp Gold (WUG) Monitoring scenario and context.

Then, this summary and highlight of post event video clip will be for you, if you are not able to attend WhatsUp IP Address Manager Technical Overview by E-SPIN for end user and channel partner product seminar session.

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The WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor accesses information generated by Cisco IP SLA (service level agreement) enabled devices to monitor parameters essential to VoIP performance, including jitter, packet loss, latency and other calculated performance values. The VoIP Monitor leverages the core services of WhatsUp Gold v12 and seamlessly integrates with its versatile network management capabilities, giving customers with combined data and voice networks 360 degree visibility, actionable intelligence and complete control for VoIP.

VoIP Monitoring

Addressing Convergence Challenges

Voice/data convergence poses new challenges for network managers. Introducing voice traffic onto your data network can result in degraded overall performance for both traffic types. To validate and ensure acceptable response times for both voice and data you must be able to accurately measure network performance in real-world scenarios.

The WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor precisely measures your converged IT network’s ability to provide the quality of service (QoS) necessary for your VoIP calls on your LAN and WAN links. A configuration wizard minimizes the time required to identify IP SLA sources and destinations and to configure the VoIP Monitor. After the simple setup, the VoIP Monitor provides everything you need to assess the readiness or current ability of your network to support VoIP based traffic. Moreover, because it is fully integrated with the

WhatsUp Gold network management platform, you can drill down into the underlying WhatsUp Gold functionality to view and graph metrics for bandwidth and interface utilization or troubleshoot network issues affecting VoIP performance.

WhatsUp Gold VoIP monitor is available now, any further information please refer to http://e-spincorp.com/espinv3/index.php/ipswitch/whatsup-gold-network-management

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